Fatman’s Beef Jerky Sells Itself

taste-em-all-webOur All-American beef jerky products can be found in convenience stores, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, lumber and hardware stores and farm and feed stores throughout the United States.  Turn rates quickly began attracting distributors and our beef jerky continues to see increased demand. Fatman’s Beef Jerky features packaging and labeling that is modest and simple—it provides an image of a homemade, natural beef jerky product created and produced solely by the Robey Family.   Our beef jerky is packaged in a transparent plastic zip-lock bag and the labels are color coded by flavors. The label has a bar code, lists ingredients, weight, flavor and features Fatman’s name and logo.  We also now feature an American flag on the package, for we only use All-American Beef!   Fatman’s Beef Jerky comes in thirteen delicious flavors.  Not only is it free of added preservatives, but it is lean, packs plenty of protein and is low in calories. A two-ounce package of peppered jerky may have 130 calories, ¾ gram of fat and almost no cholesterol. No premade or bottled sauces are added to create the unique flavors… only fresh ingredients.